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International SKY Consulting

An Integrated Corporate Management Service


About Us

International Sky Consulting, existed since 2008, founded by Mr. Aldi Sky. W, established 2011 incorporated with PT. Dimar Manunggal as the holding company and PT. MMS, headquartered in Jakarta City, Indonesia. Sky Consulting is an “intra-corporate” or “Integrated Corporate Management Service (ICMs)”, group of consultants and professionals who are experts in their fields, act as “Company Man / Executive Officer” or representatives with specific authority partner companies—or as of company it self—engaged in various industries, which transfer all or part of the core-business and management company to the Sky Consulting with a professional and innovative management system—an integrated corporate management services.


Vision & Mission

:: What we do is, taking-over your headache and give you a smile of the business leader.

:: We came to seize your cost, and maximize your profits – we, divert all your risk to us.

:: We deliver you an achievement, and taken your business to the new heights.

:: With us, business can be simple.



Integrated Corporate Management Service


Head Office | Komplek Ruko Niaga Kalimas Blok A No.8-12 | Bekasi Timur

Branch Office | Komplek Gedung Gajah 4th floor Tebet | Jakarta Selatan


www.aldisky.wordpress.com |  www.linkedin.com/in/skyconsulting

www.internationalskyconsulting.co.cc | international.sky@consultant.com

Click here to see : Sky Consulting’s portfolio


Direct Contact (24 hours) : 087885604666


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